Pray for our Nation


Our church needs: Pray for our Sunday worship service, God may move powerfully in our midst when we gather to worship him. Ask God to send revival.


Men’s and Women’s Ministry: Pray that God may equip and encourage among men and women of our church through these ministries.


Youth Group: Pray that the youths that are attending may have an encounter with the Lord. Pray for the leaders, Mark & Gretchen Green.


Sunday school: Pray for Jolly Thomas, the director, teachers, and the children.


Pennridge Christian Academy Pray for the children and their parents that they may come to know Jesus as their savior.


No March wedding anniversaries


Pray for the Mongolian President that he may receive Christ as his personal Savior.


Pray for the country of Syria and Turkey had a big earthquake and aftershocks.


Pray for Ukraine that God may put an end to the war with Russia. 



Health and Sick:


Joe Thomas is home. Pray for complete healing.


Purity’s 8-year-old nephew was hit by a car, admitted to hospital totally unresponsive, he is recovering now.  PTL


Purity’s mom. High Blood Pressure


AJ, Ricky & JoJo’s 2-year-old grandson, needs tests done for his liver and stomach.


Javier, Lesby’s son, has been diagnosed with osteonecrosis in his hip. He has a lot of pain. He also needs to come back to Jesus.


Karin Ross needs surgery for diverticulitis. She needs wisdom to have surgery and be out of work for 6 weeks. Also, for Christopher to have peace if she has the surgery. UPDATE: she will be having surgery on Thursday, March 23.


Bill McMann’s son, Ryan, is bipolar.


Donna, Linda’s sister, has stage 4 cancer in her lungs. She is not a believer.


Bob Blaschke, Brian’s father is bedridden. Carlyn is taking care of him.


Lizzy, Sue Allebach’s daughter, she still needs continued prayers for her corneal nerves.


Heather, Jolly’s friend, is having pain on her other leg. She may want that leg amputated also.


John Sherwood has Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and diabetes. His wife Beth is not feeling well.


Miriam, Ed’s sister, has passed away.


Duya’s father is undergoing chemo treatment.


Anthony, Frank’s nephew, had a mini stroke. Pray for salvation.


George Thankachen, Nissy’s father has several health issues. He is improving. Continue to pray.


Kevin Friedrich’s salivary gland is not working fully. 


Mary Ngorimo’s mom’s diabetes is high. Her father, Michael, arthritis, and vision problems.


John Reeser’s oldest son and wife, Marty & Rebekah are having marital problems.


John Reeser’s grandson Jack suffered epilepsy. His one shoulder was broken and the other dislocated.


Jolly’s brother-in-law, John Cherian, is suffering from muscular dystrophy.


Gabriel, Rebekah’s son, pray for his mental wellness.


Duya: Continue to pray for her overall health.


Jargaal has rheumatoid arthritis and high blood pressure.


Ken’s daughter, Lori, pray for her salvation.


Paul, Linda’s sister Eileen’s grandson, has a brain tumor. PTL. The tumor is stable.


James’ brother, Godfrey, he is in Kenya, pray for complete recovery of alcoholism.


Joy Ngorimo needs healing for her eczema.  


Timothy N. pray for his down’s syndrome. Continue to pray for complete healing. Praise God! He has improved a lot.


Missions and Ministries:                    


Living Stream Ranch-Quakertown                                                         Crossroads Pregnancy Center-Quakertown

Kevin & Dociah Friedrich-Children of the Most High-Zambia                Hope International-all over the world

Dave & Donna Haag-South African Evangelistic Mission                       Tumaini Brother’s Keeper-Kenya

Joey & Damaris Perez-World Wide Evangelistic Ministry-Phila.             Mel & Anna High-Flame of Truth-Mexico

Caleb & Claire Bermudez-Campus Crusade-Philadelphia                     Jargal & Duya-Transformation Mongolia

Persecuted Christians-all over the world

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