Our vision is to see children excited about living for JESUS. We want to see our children SAVED, BAPTIZED

(in water and the Holy Spirit), WORSHIPPING God, and SERVING the Body of Christ.

Kids, parents, and teachers are excited about our Sunday school. We offer classes for nursery through 7th grade during the Sunday service. Children and adults start with a lively song service in the main sanctuary together.

Children are dismissed at the end of the song service to their class. Infants to kindergarten classes are adjacent to the sanctuary. 1st to 7th grade classes are by the fellowship hall.

The first Sunday of the month there will be childcare for children under 4 years old. The older children stay with the parents for Holy Communion.

Our Children’s Church presents the Word of God in an entertaining format that is age-appropriate. Our curriculum is varied according to age, but includes Bible stories, prayer time, games, and drama/puppet skits. Our teams of teachers care for our children and are dedicated to seeing our vision fulfilled

             Gems Girls Club


This year the Gems Girls Club is all about learning how to have an authentic relationship with God! We want to serve Him with Passion!

  • Pray constantly

  • And

  • Study God’s Word

  • Serve Others,

  • Interact with God’s People,

  • Open up and Talk about God

  • Notice God in the Ordinary

God clearly tells us in His Word that we should not be lukewarm, but instead we should keep our spiritual fervor serving the Lord. As God’s child, His daughter is feeding the fire and living a life of radical, wholehearted passion and enthusiasm for her Lord. And, as always, the girls will have many opportunities to become involved in outreach into our community and our world! 

We will enjoy a Pickle Night, Under The Stars Movie Night, Participate in the Souderton Christmas Parade, our  annual Alex’s Lemonade Stand, lock in overnighter, worship dance for the congregation, our closing party & so much more!!

The Gems’ meet Wednesday nights September 22nd thru April 20th at 7pm. Every girl age 5 thru 13 is welcome to come join the excitement!

      Christian Service Brigade

Christian Service Brigade brings men and boys together to enjoy adventures together, build positive relationships with each other and learn about living Christian lives through Jesus.

Ages 6 – 11; we group the boys in age appropriate groups which have leaders who volunteer to minister in the various CSB groups such as Tree Climbers (6-7), Builders (8-9), Sentinels (10-11). We have plenty of group activities, gym nights, fishing trips, camping events, and we culminate our year with the Annual Shape-N-Race competitions where the boys take the pine cars they designed and race against each other for trophies and prizes, an exciting time.

This is an excellent time for a Dad to invest 90 minutes a week with his son in a positive Godly atmosphere. We have an excellent team of leaders who oversee this ministry. You will come away with more than you can imagine by investing this time with your son.

For more information on CSB please see their web site.


Vacation Bible School

Text will be forthcoming!

VBS 2022

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