What to Expect When You Visit

bible based sermons

You will enjoy and be blessed!  Pastor Thomas inspires the congregation with Bible teachings that are memorable and passionate. Our Sunday Service is live at 10:30 am Sunday mornings.  You can watch previous sermons listed in our archive.  It's all available under our "Sunday Sermons" tab.

Praise and Worship

Our Worship Team musicians lead in both contemporary and traditional praise and worship songs and hymns... You can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit as we shout out our praises!  All ages are gathered together to joyously sing, prompted by the lyrics that are scrolling live. After singing with their parents, the children go to  Sunday school classes in the lower level.

sharing testimonies

From time to time you will hear live testimonies of how God has impacted someone's life.  We encourage anyone who wishes to share their story of God's love in their life to take the microphone and tell us about it!  Each testimony helps us to feel even closer to Almighty God!

Sharing is the basis for true fellowship and growth!

We Are a Charismatic Pentecostal Church